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2019 Plant Health Care Updates

Other Pests and Environmental Stressors

Gypsy moth is not the only concern. There are a number of pest outbreaks developing in our immediate area, including:

• Scale insects – on Magnolia, Hemlock and many other species
• Mites – on Spruce, Fir, and Honeylocust
• Wood borers – on Ash, Oaks, Beech and Pines
• Fungal diseases – foliar/root infections on numerous species

In addition to the strain caused by insects and diseases, trees in your landscape may suffer from environmental stress due to constricted root zones, poor soil quality and fluctuations in temperatures and rainfall. Often, by the time folks notice a problem with their trees, the decline is already at an advanced stage.

Tree removal is the bread and butter for many tree companies. For Tree Specialists, it is less than 10% of our business – and we would like to keep it this way!