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- Barbara Keough, Residential Client -

Tree Removal

As much as we love preserving trees, tree removal is also an important aspect of tree and landscape management. Potential candidates for tree removal include:
Tree Specialists, tree removal with crane

  • structurally unsound, high-risk trees
  • over-mature trees in decline
  • or trees that have simply ceased to be an asset to the property

Tree Specialists is a full service company, and can handle all aspects of tree removal, including hazardous tree removal, wood and log hauling, and stump grinding. We have the expertise to get the job done right, while respecting and protecting surrounding features.

Tree Specialists will tackle any tough project, such as a challenging climbing job in a remote area or a large tree removal project needing a crane. If one or more of your trees is a candidate for tree removal, or if you want a professional opinion as to whether tree removal is your best option, contact us.

Tree Specialists, tree removal