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Tree Specialists testimonials


“Your guys are always friendly and helpful. Rolf is always patient and accommodating with me. That’s why we continue to rely on your advice and Services!”

Linda Grignolo, Residential Client

“As a member of the board of a 60-unit condominium complex, I have worked with David Ropes of Tree Specialists for the past three years as he assessed our 20 year old property that encompasses five streets with diverse, complex, and evolving needs. After completing a detailed report on the current landscape condition and quality, Tree Specialists developed a multi-year management plan that helped the Board to prioritize the work with an eye on sound environmental practice, sustainability, and budget constraints. We looked forward to completing this renewal project that has already reduced our maintenance costs and improved the appearance of the property.

“Tree Specialists is a fabulous company with an extremely knowledgeable, capable, and professional staff who are always available to answer questions and share information.”

Nancy Nizel, Board of Trustees, The Arbors at Bellows Farm,
Acton, MA

“For more than seven years, Tree Specialists has been and continues to be the “go to” company for landscape consulting and maintenance services for the Springhouse Pond Condominium Association, a 25-acre complex. Over the years, the Association has been so pleased with Tree Specialists diverse services that we have hired them to design a master landscape plan and prioritized annual maintenance plans as well as to provide on-site tree pruning, removal, replacement, and disease control.”

Barbara Pryor, Chair, Springhouse Pond Landscape Committee

“I have worked with Tree Specialists in a variety of settings, particularly highly significant historic landscapes and sensitive ecosystems. In all situations, Tree Specialists exhibit clear knowledge and appreciation of the specific site conditions and are quickly and efficiently able to identify priority tasks and develop and implement a variety of strategies to accomplish a particular goal. This includes both the physical work performed by trained arborists, as well as thoughtful and well-written vegetation management plans and landscape inventories and assessments that are essential to landscape design and restoration. This integration of services is particularly noteworthy with the added benefit of experienced professional staff who are a joy to work with.”

Lauren Meier, ASLA, Historic Preservationist

“I have work with and relied upon Barbara’s horticultural services for nine years. I find Barbara’s horticultural expertise with plant communities as well as planting and management best practices invaluable to my work. Barbara’s high level of professionalism mixed with humor and warmth is a welcome addition to any project.”

Elizabeth Gourley, Landscape Architect, Principal,
Elizabeth Gourley Design

“Those at Tree Specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough. They consider our property as a whole as well significant features within the landscape. Our dealings have been very positive, and we recommend them highly.”

Vicki Saltonstall (Mrs. G. West), Residential Client

“Our family’s historic burial ground has had the privilege of Rolf’s care since 1984. Tree Specialists has helped us with innumerable tasks, both small and large, over these many years, always with impeccable, expert, and even loving care. Their level of professionalism, communication and scientific expertise is unmatched in my experience. It is a delight to work with them.”

Barbara Kantner, Landscape Steward, Family Burial Ground, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted – client since 1988

“Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary is an area where trees are generally left in their natural state, however, there is a nature center, parking lot, maintenance facility and staff residences where trees sometimes need care. Tree Specialists has been caring for those trees for many years. We have found their staff to be professional, knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. They really know trees and how to care for them. They have removed white pines threatening a residence, cabled the huge branches of three ancient sycamores, removed the tops from large dead white ashes, leaving the stumps as roosts for birds as we requested, and helped prepare a beautiful sugar maple to survive upcoming construction near its roots. When we need people who know trees, we call Tree Specialists.”

Elissa Landre, Director, Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

“…I would recommend Tree Specialists to anyone who desires to have highly trained arborists complete a job in an efficient, clean, and professional manner.”

New England Wildflower Society

“We were extremely happy and impressed with the arborists from Tree Specialists. Rolf planned perfectly for a delicate job of pruning large and dense trees on the property lines of our house and two neighbors. And our crew of Eric, James and Steven could not have been more professional, considerate and conscientious in fulfilling the plan. A potentially stressful situation turned out to be a real pleasure – from now on our group of neighbors will only work with the Tree Specialists. And I actually look forward to the next time we’ll see them!”

Dr. Jacques and Joy Reichling, Newton

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