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Soil Management

The single common denominator that all garden and landscape plants share is their relationship with the soil. Soil quality is vital to the successful establishment, growth and maturity of the plants in your landscape. Soil is more than just the sum of its parts; it is a complex integration of its physical, chemical and biological properties.

Tree Specialists, soil management, soil testing

Unfortunately, most of our New England soil types are nutrient deficient, and 15 years of conducting soil tests have confirmed that the majority of our regions soils are:

  • excessively acid
  • low in potassium
  • low in calcium
  • low in magnesium

Tree Specialists, soil management, soil compactionFurther, our soils tend to be sand based, and do not retain moisture. This also limits the growth of beneficial microorganisms, critical to sustaining soil fertility over the long term. In our native forests, these problems are overcome by the continual recycling of nutrient rich organic matter in fallen leaves and branches. Developed landscapes, with abundant turf, pavement, and annual leaf collection, interrupts the nutrient cycling process. At Tree Specialists, we work to restore soil health and fertility through:

  • soil testing and fertilization
  • soil aeration and organic matter amendment
  • mulching

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